statement of comprehensive income

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Is statement of comprehensive income the same as income statement?

Statement of Comprehensive Income refers to the statement which contains the details of the revenue, income, expenses, or loss of the company that is not realized when a company prepares the financial statements of the accounting period and the same is presented after net income on the company’s income statement.

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How to Interpret the Statement of Comprehensive Income (with Examples)?

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Statement of Comprehensive Income

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What is included in the statement of comprehensive income?

The Statement of Comprehensive Income provides a summary of a company’s net assets over a given period of time. In other words, the statement highlights the adjustments on equity. and other comprehensive income (OCI). The net income is the result obtained by preparing an income statement.

Limitations of a Statement of Comprehensive Income

How do I make a statement of comprehensive income?

A statement of comprehensive income is a financial statement that includes both standard income and other comprehensive income. A standard income statement format has a line for the total revenue, lines for various expense categories, and a line for the net income (total revenue minus total expenses).

statement of comprehensive income

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